October 29, 2015

In the Company of Those Who Read: Kitabain.com, The Pakistani Book-Buying Website

What would you say needs to happen in Pakistan in order to increase readership?

We really need to start encouraging and promoting local publications. Also, figure out ways to have cheaper books, since ridiculously high book prices are always a huge problem during the buying process. I think parents and schools need to do their part by putting a serious emphasis towards reading at an early age. And of course build more bookstores, more libraries.

The Introduction

Kitabain.com is our Amazon, an actual, real-life, fully functioning online book buying portal in Pakistan. Launched in 2010 as a follow-up service to an online Pakistani book-rental service (The Reader’s Club – provide link), Kitabain.com basically provides a single platform to book sellers, book stores as well as people like us who can easily put up book inventories online, which then become available for browsing and purchasing to any book buyer in Pakistan. With a very simple, clean format, Kitabain.com lets us either browse through the numerous collection available or upload our own books to sell and earn money from. Started by Usman Siddiqui, Jawad Yousuf and Rumman Siddiqui, all of whom are Purdue University graduates from USA, Kitabain.com is part of a growing trend of readers who find their places online. With book blogging, Instagram book accounts and online book clubs, online book buying was something we should have all expected, and Kitabain.com is just one in a line of services waiting to provide us with the books we want when we want them.

 Why You Should Be Interested

Given the pathetic number of book stores, the almost non-existent libraries and the crazy traffic scene in Karachi, it’s easy to understand why going out to buy books is not something people do on the spur of the moment. Going out book-shopping becomes an event, something one plans and executes, money carefully saved for the venture. In such situations, online book buying sounds like a dream, and one that has, conveniently, come true. Because, not having to leave your chair when you want to buy a book? What even is that? You can just visit the website, pick the book you want, and have it delivered to your house? It’s pure sorcery, but its magic that works! And now you have no excuse not to curl up with your favourite book.

The Location

www.kitabain.com- The Website