Archive of Interviews

Profile 1: The Pakistani Book Blogger

Wasio Ali Khan runs the online website Digital Saeen, where he blogs about books, literary events and all things literature related.

Profile 2: The Pakistani Book Club

KHIBookSwap is a Karachi-based book club which has monthly meet-ups which involve book discussions, eager recommendations and of course, book swapping.

Profile 3: The Pakistani Book-Buying Website is an online book-buying portal which allows users based in Pakistan and browse and buy books as well as sell their own.

Profile 4: The Pakistani Bookstagrammer

Syeda Urooj Fatima is a bookstagrammer, a blogger who uses Instagram as a platform to showcase her love for books and her eye for detail.

Profile 5: The Secret Pakistani Book Club

Bookay is a Pakistani-based Facebook group which serves as a one-of-a-kind online forum for the avid reader, writer and lover-of-words in both Pakistan and beyond.