• Sara Suleri's Meatless Days was published in 1989, and is an autobiographical memoir in the form of a collection of 9 essays about Suleri's life, her family and postcolonial Pakistan. 
Recommended for absolutely no one ever. Read only if you want to fall asleep quickly.

  • Raza Rumi's Delhi by Heart was published in 2013, and is a travelogue filled with history tidbits, cultural discussions, and conversations about the current day Delhi and its inhabitants.

Recommended for history buffs, fans of travelogues and every Pakistani history student in the country.

  • Haroon K. Ullah's Bargain from the Bazaar was published in 2014, and is a creative non-fiction account of a family of parents living in Lahore with their three sons, all three of whom pursue very different paths in life. 
Recommended for people who want to read a very boring account of Pakistan's history / are looking for a black and white picture of Eastern religious sensibilities. 

  • Sanam Maher's The Sensational Life and Death of Qandeel Baloch was published in 2018, and is a non-fiction account of the life of popular social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch, who was killed at the hands of her brother in 2016, who claimed it was for 'honour'.
Recommended for people who like well-written non fiction.